In the process of reading a book, arranging notes and organizing information should be convenient and intuitive. That’s why Flexcil comes up with the great combination of the strong value of digital environments and the intuitive user experience in paper books. You can study more efficiently while summarizing and organizing information simultaneously. Now Flexcil 2.5.0 updated with the note editing features is available on the App Store.

What’s new in this version?

This Flexcil 2.5.0 version has been developed focusing on improving the overall user experience as well as reflecting the users’ core requirements. Along with the 2.5.0 version, the improvements of the 2.4.0 version updated on the last 25th are as follows.

  • Text editing feature in Study Notes
  • A change of the minimum size and Automatic Docking function of Study Notes
  • Noticeable improvements of the tutorial
  • More efficient buttons and UI layout


Text Editing Feature in Study Notes

The text editing feature in Study Notes that a lot of users have looked forward to is eventually added in the version 2.5.0. You can freely edit and place the text moved into the study notes with the content you want. Now you can organize your notes quickly and efficiently using text input as well as handwriting.
(This feature will be available in the Standard version.)

A change of the minimum size and Automatic Docking function of Study Notes

Previously, you might have felt uncomfortable to organize notes because almost half of the screen’s bottom was covered with some notes while you were working in the landscape mode on the iPad.

By allowing users to change the minimum size of the study notes even smaller than before, you can make it easier to arrange and place notes conveniently in the landscape mode.

Besides, the Auto-Dock function comes in to be able to attach notes naturally to the outline of the screen when you try to move a note to the left or right side of the screen. Now in virtue of this function, you can concentrate on your study without worrying about placing your notes on the screen.

Tutorial Update

Tutorials have been improved with clearer and more refined contents. Even if Flexcil’s gesture UX is more powerful, convenient, and natural than any other products, it’s somehow unfamiliar in tablet devices, for instance, the iPad. Based upon intensive user analysis, this tutorial has been improved to be more distinct and natural regarding user experience.

Now you can explore how to use Flexcil’s gesture faster and easier through more powerful tutorials.

Even though you’re the existing users, it’ll be helpful for you to check out what new gesture UXs in this version are included and how to use them. For existing users, you can run the changed tutorial through ‘Settings > App Settings > Gesture Tutorial > Rerun the Gesture Tutorial

UI changes – Location of Undo and Redo buttons are changed.

One of the best features in digital learning and editing apps is that you can do Undo / Redo quickly.
Flexcil also has Undo / Redo function, but it was inconvenient to use because of the position of the button or malfunction occurred.

Since some users used to have difficulties in recognizing the button properly, there were a few complaints about the position of the button and they often asked us to add an Undo/Redo feature.

Therefore, we have completely accepted users’ feedback and improved the UI of Undo/Redo a little more clearly.
Now you can use the Undo/Redo feature more easily with no worries of being malfunctioned.

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