Explore the secret features in Flexcil that will make you more clever!

All the users may think that they know how Flexcil works from head to toe and what the key features Flexcil have, however, there are some useful features any users of Flexcil want to check out. Read on for awesome useful features in Flexcil that our team wanted to recommend ever since we made them.


1. Handle Study Note with three fingers

Why don’t you handle the Study Note in a decent way in PDF reading mode? You don’t need to tap button to open up or hide down the Study Note. It can be worked by your intuitive finger moves. Spread your hand and get the middle three fingers ready.

To open the Study Note, swipe up the screen with three fingers.


To hide the Study Note, swipe it down with three fingers.


Your three fingers are also useful for shifting the Study Note or tossing it on the edge of the screen like below.

The note that moves along with your fingers may help you avoid being bored while studying.


2. Create a new page of Study Note with two fingers

Until now, in order to add new pages, you might have been through a few stages. But, you know what? All you need to do is simply swipe left with two fingers in Gesture Mode. This lets you take control of your own Study Note even when you read PDF. Now edit in pages for your own Study Note in the blink of an eye!


3. One-touch deselection

What if you selected texts you didn’t want? Don’t waste your time waiting for undoing it. The texts you got by circle, bracket, box, and long-press-drag gestures can be deselected in a minute. To implement it, simply tap anywhere inside the selected area.


4. Move or bundle up PDFs by Drag & Drop

The more organized you are, the more you get productive. We all have known that people need to neatly organize files. Drag & Drop will be the solution for it. To do so, long press PDF and drag and drop it to another folder or bundle it up with others in one folder. You can either change its name or create your own order for your PDFs from chaos in Flexcil!


5. Manage Study Note pages

Once you are done rearranging PDFs, you would like to navigate the overall note pages at a glance. Flexcil gives you a comprehensive overview of your Study Notes pages. You will now be given two ways to access to this.

– Lists of Study Notes –
– Inner Navigation Mode –

When you are in inner navigation mode, long press a certain page and tap button on the right upper side of the screen. In addition, do the same thing like mentioned above when you work with lists of Study Notes.

Better yet, with Drag & Drop, not only can you shift page order, you also can move several pages to another note at the same time while navigating the overall note pages.



Those 5 useful features have proven amazingly useful in improving our productivity. It is your time to get the most out of Flexcil’s useful features.

Expand your studying experiences with simple but  time-efficient tips we suggested above!