In this version 1.1.11, we have significantly added features and improved stability as mentioned below.

※ Patch Highlights

  1. Flip a single page (lab feature)
  2. Resize pop-up documents (lab feature)
  3. Improved sensitivity when switching document pages
  4. Reference link deletion 
  5. Support exporting multiple documents
  6. Provide document export options
  7. Improved text box twists when exporting
  8. Improved eraser area determination
  9. Improved continuation of blurred documents
  10. Improved fuzzy handwriting when taking notes after zooming in

Lab Features

1. Flip a single page

2. Resize pop-up documents (Zooming in/out with 3 fingers)

※ The laboratory features are not fully-featured yet and must be activated through a separate setting.

Added Features

  1. Reference link deletion: side menu link long touch

2. Capable of opening Flexcil right away when exporting documents from other apps

3. Capable of opening the document right away by drag & drop from Files to document viewer

4. Export through Zip files when exporting multiple files: Currently, only one file can be exported due to iOS restrictions, and if the app receiving the file fails to process it separately, only one file will be sent. Therefore, exporting through a zip file is the most decent alternative.

5. Automatic decompression when importing compression (.zip) files through drag & drop

6. Provide document export options


  1. Thinner laser pointer
  2. Improved sensitivity when switching document pages
  3. Move to top-level folder when selecting ‘Documents’ in File Manager
  4. Provides side menu page slider feature

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the document remains blurry and unclear.
  2. Fixed an issue where the text boxes change the size and color of the letters when exporting them 
  3. Fixed an issue where text data from some OCR documents could not be retrieved properly
  4. Fixed an issue where OCR data was broken when exporting some OCR documents
  5. Fixed an issue where documents were blurry in the normal scaled document
  6. Fix an issue where areas outside the eraser range are deleted
  7. Fixed an issue where the creation date of the documents changed to 1970 and were not opened
  8. Fixed an issue where the app was shut down after opening the documents that were moved 
  9. Fixed an issue where the app was shut down when using lasso tool  
  10. Fixed an issue where certain areas of handwriting became blurry after zooming in the notes 
  11. Fixed an issue where no bookmarks were added on mobile
  12. Fixed a significant number of problems with forced termination because of problems regarding the memory while using the app
  13. Improved the app stability and fixed minor bugs