[Flexcil Android] Patch Notes 1.1.0-Aug. 27, 2021

In this version 1.1.0, we have added features and improved stability as mentioned below.

※ Patch Highlights

  1. Audio Recording & Sync
  2. Square Highlighter
  3. Supports Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. New Document Templates are Added

Added Features and UX Improvements

  1. Supporting audio recording and sync the audio with annotations.
    You can start the voice recording by pressing the mic icon on the top right

2. Supports square highlighter option

3. Supports keyboard shortcuts (I’ll provide the list of shortcuts later via separate post)

4. New note templates are added and minor changes on existing templates

5. You can add outlines by selecting text/sentence and press the icon on the second right on the pop-up menu

6. You can add outlines by long pressing the document.
To use the feature, long press the area on the page and press the icon on the third right on the pop-up menu

Bug Fixes and App Stabilization

  1. Resolved an issue the app terminated when open the document with a lot of pages
  2. Minor bug fixes and app stabilizing