[Flexcil 2] Patch Notes 1.1.8-Jan. 18, 2021

We added more features and fixed bugs.

Patch Highlights

1. Support dark mode
2. Support user custom fonts
3. Resolved an issue some links are missing when restore data
4. Resolved an issue merge, duplicate, data restore doesn’t work on the password protected document

Added Features

1. You can now use dark mode on Flexcil 2 🙂

2. You can use fonts which you installed on your iPad or iPhone

Bug Fixes

1. Resolved an issue touch doesn’t work on some occasions

2. Fixed an issue links are missing when restoring data

3. Fixed an issue export doesn’t work on the document which contains the certain character on its name

4. Resolved an issue app cannot load information of WebDAV

5. Fixed an issue the part of the page is displayed blur when adding a new page

6. Minor bug fixes and app stabilizing