[Flexcil newsletter vol 1.] Open Beta Testing for Android Version is Near!

Hello, we are Team Flexcil
From today, we’re going to present you with tips and news about Flexcil once a week.

The newsletter is going to contain all the information about Flexcil, from brief introduction of the product to tips that will help you use it. Please look forward to it!


We’ve got good news for those waiting for Flexcil Android version! Close beta testing and open beta testing schedules for Flexcil Android version have been settled. Check it out!


Did you know that you can use Flexcil to create your diary? For more information, click the banner above!

『Bookmarks』 make it easy for you to quickly navigate to any page. Find out how to add, edit, and delete bookmarks! 

Do you prefer typing than handwriting?
Flexcil allows you to take notes in text by supporting the 『Text box』 feature. Would you like to learn how to create, edit, and delete text boxes?

The 1.1.8 version was updated last Monday. The biggest change would be the ‘dark mode’! Check it out for a list of other updates.

That’s all for this week’s newsletter.

Do you have any tips on using Flexcil that you want to share with others?
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