[Flexcil newsletter vol 2.] Free Vs Standard, What’s Difference?

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What is the difference between Flexcil 2 free version and the paid standard version?
If you’re considering whether you should purchase it or not, please click the banner above and check out all the differences between them!


Did you know that you can use Flexcil to create your diary? For more information, click the banner above!


This week’s tips are 『Drawing Shapes』 and 『Small Circular Gesture』 🙂

The triangular icon on the pen toolbar is used to draw shapes neatly. With this feature, you can draw straight shapes without any difficulties. Click on the banner to find out more about 『Drawing Shapes』!

『Small Circular Gesture』 is a gesture feature that allows you to select a word by drawing a circle around it. Check out how to use this!

This week 1.1.10 has been updated.
This update has been made to correct the forced shutdown issue when connecting to Google Drive.

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