Education License

Flexcil is a powerful PDF reader and a digital note-taker that is beloved by 5.6 million global users.

With Flexcil, you can view your class materials, take notes, and share the document with your students or classmates.

Any K-12 educational institutions and schools that have their own email domain can get free access to Flexcil for Education (The free license will be valid until July 2024).

How can you use Flexcil in class?

Fill out the form below to get free licenses and we will get back to you!

  • Free licenses are available for K-12 only. We may not provide licenses to private education, universities, colleges, and graduate schools.
  • The email domain must be the domain for your own institution. We may not provide licenses to institutions that are using general domains such as Gmail, government email, etc.
  • The license is for educational organizations and may not be provided for individual requests.

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