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The 5 Best apps for Reading, Editing, and Annotating PDF on Android

If you are a student or an avid reader with an Android device, you’d agree that reading, editing, and annotating PDFs could be tedious and...

5 Best Note-Taking Apps For Students in 2022

Students and teachers have a tonne of note-taking software options to pick from! They also aren't all created equal. Some are better for backing up...

5 Best Stylus Pens for Galaxy Tab

Compared to iPads, there are many types of pens that you can use for Galaxy Tabs, so if you bought one for the first time, you may be wondering...

How to download the font for free from DaFont and install it on an iPad

I’m sure some of you thought about using cool fonts instead of boring ones when you organize your class notes on an iPad.   So today, here’s...

Cornell Note Taking – Best Way to Enhance Your Learning

Note taking is very important when studying because it is the process of organizing what you have learned through your own expressions. By doing so,...

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