Hi. This is Flexcil.


It’s already been about 7 months since Flexcil 2 was released. 

There have been many changes since its launch, and many improvements have been made in terms of stability and features.

And finally, Flexcil 2 achieved 99% of crash-free users according to Google’s Firebase Crashlytics standard, an indicator of app reliability.

This is higher than that of Flexcil 1, which is 97%, meaning that Flexcil 2 has stabilized significantly (even more than Flexcil 1).

To celebrate, we are doing discount promotion for Flexcil 2(for iOS) Standard & 2021~2022 Planner Package and you can get the package at 90% discounted price only for 22 hours!

Promotion Period

  • 25th June, 2021 (Your Local Time)

Promotion Item

  • Flexcil 2 (for iOS) Standard & 2021~2022 Planner Package

Promotion Price

  • $14.99$1.99 (90% off)

Besides improvement of app stability, there are a lot more improvements! To figure out please check out the following post!

7 reasons you should move from Flexcil 1 to Flexcil 2 right now


App Download Link

Dowload Flexcil 2 from Apple App Store


If you are a paid user of Flexcil 1, you will be able to get a free upgrade to Flexcil 2 Standard version.

The promotion will start from 28th June(GMT+9). So, grab a chance.


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