Hello, we’re Team Flexcil.

Today we’re going to inform you about Flexcil Android beta test.

Flexcil Android Close Beta Testing (2021.01.27~)

We will proceed with the close beta testing first with limited testers.
(For those who are selected, we have sent the mail last week.)

The close beta testing will begin on January 27th(Wednesday).
The most important purpose of this testing is to get feedback from the users, so please give us detailed feedback this time as well. 🙂

Even though some features are limited and the design is not fully applied in this version, the data format is the same as the release version.

Therefore you can update it as the product improves as it goes through public beta testing, official product launch, and etc.


Flexcil Android Public Beta Testing (202.02.17)

The beta testing where many people can participate will begin on February 17th. (There may be some changes in schedule.)

We will notify you about this in detail next time.

We will do our best to conduct the testing with the top quality product.

Be safe, and we hope that you have a great week.