Coronavirus support – Flexcil Discounts and Trial version Instructions

by | Mar 12, 2020

Dear user, this is Flexcil team.

We have some nice warm spring weather starting, but due to unexpected coronavirus developments, everyone has been going through a hard time.

Schools have postponed the new school year or switch to online classes. Companies have also encouraged employees to work from home. All the people have been making it through this tough time.

In such time, we’d like to provide our product at a discounted price again to be helpful for you. Further, we’ll temporarily extend a trial period by 2 months.

If you’re not quite ready to buy, you can just experience all features of Flexcill for free during limited-time.

Time: 12:00 on 12 Mar, 2020 – 24:00 on 26 Mar (GMT+09:00)

  • If you activate the trial within the period, you can use it for free for 2 months
  • Users who have already used the trial can also use it.


We have concerns about providing these offers again because our recent promotion was just over. However, we’d like to support you in the same way until this situation gets better.

We want to express our condolences to all the people who are going through this hard time, and we are sincerely grateful to those hard-working medical staff and volunteers.

As always, we believe we will overcome those difficulties.

Best wishes to everyone, and cheer up!
Genuinely thanks again.

Flexcil Team