Hello, we are Team Flexcil!

The rainy season is over, and the hot summer is in its full swing here in Korea.

We are constantly checking out your suggestions about Android and New version of iOS Flexcil through various forums, our mailbox, and App Store review section. We understand that users are curious about the development process of those new versions so far.

Therefore, in this article we are going to share with you our current development progress and receive your valuable feedbacks.

To avoid miscommunication, let’s clarify the terms first. ‘Flexcil 1’ refers to the one that is on the app store, available for everyone to download. ‘Flexcil 2’ refers to the unreleased one that we are currently working on. (Please keep in mind that ‘Flexcil 1’ and ‘Flexcil 2’ are merely tentative names of our products just for distinguishing purpose 😁)

If you have any questions on our project after reading this article, feel free to comment below! We’d be happy to answer your questions in another blog posting 🙂


Why New Flexcil?

As Flexcil project has become serious and users expect more from our app, we couldn’t help but had to make a decision: keep using ‘Flexcil 1’ code base, or to construct a whole new code base.

Flexcil 1 started as a prototype version to only include our core features such as Gesture functions, Pop-up notes, and Reference link etc., to test whether potential users actually wanted them.

Unexpectedly, our prototype version received lots of valuable attention and precious feedback, so we could quickly make it into a real app. However, because of limited time and resource we had to build our app on the aforementioned prototype. Hence, Flexcil has fundamental structural limitations. Vertical scrolling, Highlighter issue, iCloud sync, and iPhone version are all related to fundamental structural limitations.

After days and months of contemplation, we concluded that we should construct a whole new code base to improve our app and support even more functions in the future.

The Beta version of Flexcil 2 and Flexcil for Android are being built on the new code base, which means nearly every feature of Flexcil 2 will be equally available on both iOS and Android!

If you are interested in Flexcil 2, please join our Beta Test! (Link)

One more thing! As long as Apple allows, we’d love to provide Flexcil 2 for free to users who paid for Flexcil 1.

Flexcil for Android

Since we are a relatively small startup, development for Android version has long been delayed. However, now we have top level developers joined our team! (we have CTO finally!)

In regard to the official release of Android version, please understand that there are too many variables and number of cases to consider in product development stage, so we cannot announce official release date at the moment. Nevertheless, the development process is successful as planned so far.

We are going to upload another posting about ‘Flexcil for Android’ in near future.

In addition, like Flexcil 2 Beta test, we are going to start recruiting a few Android users to test out our Android app! Official announcement will be in September. Our goal is to provide unparalleled level of note-taking experience in Android platform. (Bring it on developers!)

Android version and Flexcil 2 will be almost the same. If you want to experience it earlier, join our Flexcil 2 Beta Test. (Link)

What are the major improvements of Flexcil 2?

We receive tons of questions from our users asking what changes we make in our new app.

It’s difficult to list every single improvement, so here are major ones. But please note that some of the features listed below are subject to change.

Most of the features will be ready by the time we officially release Flexcil 2, and we plan to adopt all the features within 2020.

(If we have some extra time, we will provide more detailed explanations with corresponding demo videos or GIF for each feature.)

1. Whole new Design

– Simple, intuitive, yet elegant

2. iPhone support & iCloud Sync

– Now with Flexcil for iPhone and iCloud Sync!

– However, it seems other apps which support iCloud sync have some technical issues. If we find this issue serious during Beta Test period, iCloud Sync function may not be adopted instantaneously.

3. Improved Highlighter

– No more foggy Highlighter

4. Vertical Scroll

– Vertical Scroll for both PDF and pop-up note

5. Templates

– You can make your own templates and set different templates for each note page.
– We plan to develop it to the level of GoodNotes.

6. Full screen view/Document Switch

– Full screen view with minimal UI and Document switch button for quick jump between documents.

7. Improved Pen Toolbar

 – Now with Horizontal/Vertical mode. Or you can dock it at a corner of the screen.

8. Multi-page view

– Up to 4 pages at the same time! Best for viewing PPT files.

9. Automatic Straight Line

– Automatic correction to straight lines.

10. Lasso Tool

 – Lasso tool in free shape.

11. PDF Outline editing & Rotation

 – Edit PDF outline and rotate pages.

12. Hyperlink

– Unlimited Hyperlink between PDF files and Study notes.

13. Integrated Study Notes and PDFs

– You can now use Pop-up PDF as well as Pop-up notes.
– Use all gestures on study notes like you did on PDF.
– Edit Font style in study notes.
– No more separation of PDF and study notes. Place them in a single folder.

14. Even more

If you want to check these features out, please apply for our Beta Test! Let’s hit 50,000 Flexcil people! (Link)

Additional Plans

We are currently busy working on new iOS and Android products but here are some additional plans.

1. Improved Handwriting

We know that our handwriting experience is not the best in the industry, so it is one of our highest priority. There are mainly two ways we plan to overcome the issue.

– Delicate programming of handwriting logic
– New stationary: Fountain pen & Pencil

2. Extra Features

– Handwriting recognition: You can look up your handwriting like text data
– Cloud Storage sync. (Google Drive, Dropbox…)
– Improved hyperlink, global search, and voice recording etc.

 We plan to improve handwriting experience by the release of Android version.

3. Supporting even more platforms

 -We are considering other platforms on top of iOS and Android


We may not ‘respond’ to every comment by our users, but that does not mean we are not checking them out. Your constructive and helpful comments will be shared among our team members to provide even better Flexcil.

We hope Flexcil can facilitate your studying.

Lastly… Join our Beta Test (LOL please guys)