Our app, Flexcil, is a note-taking app for iPad currently used by more than 1.3 million users globally and is pre-installed on every iPad displayed in over 500 Apple Stores in 24 countries.

We are recruiting volunteers for a closed beta test for our brand-new app prior to public release.

Do you wnat to see what’s on the new version of app? Check this out 🙂

Throughout the beta test, you can experience our new version of Flexcil app equipped with a variety of new features which now even runs on iPhone.

If you are interested, please take a look at the details and register now. Here’s how to apply for the Beta Test.

Beta Tester Application

Visit our Beta Tester Recruiting Page :


iPad Application

Tap ‘Join Flexcil lab’ on the top or ‘Flexcil lab event’ on the bottom left

Should you have any questions regarding the beta test program, please email us at

We are also offering ‘Back To School’ promotion. You can purchase Flexcil app at discounted price by in-app purchasing.

The promotion period : 4th Aug. 2020 ~ 18th Aug. 2020

To download Flexcil app, visit Apple’s App Store