Hello, we’re Team Flexcil.


Today, I would like to inform you the differences in features between the free version and the paid version of Flexcil.


First of all, Flexcil is a free note taking app for iPad and you can download Flexcil from the Apple App Store.


There is no difficulty in using the app only with the free version, but if you upgrade it to the standard version, you can gain a wide digital learning experience by utilizing more features!


Are you hesitant to purchase Flexcil standard version?

Check all the features of the standard version through this posting and decide on your purchase!

Managing Documents

The free version of Flexcil limits the number of folders you can create to a maximum of five. 


If you don’t have a lot of documents or if you don’t need to manage them systematically, 5 folders will be enough!


In case you have a lot of documents or if you need to manage them systematically, it would be good to upgrade it to a standard version. With a standard version, you can create an unlimited number of folders, so even if you have a lot of documents, you can manage them systematically.


Especially for test-takers or students who need to study many subjects, it is helpful. 🙂


In the free version, watermarks are displayed at the top and at the bottom of the document when exporting. However, if you purchase the standard version, you can export documents without watermarks.


Furthermore, you can merge PDF documents, and create, delete, move, and copy PDF pages, so you can edit them as you wish!


You can use more colored pens in the standard version.

Managing Notes

The free version of Flexcil 2 provides a basic note cover and a blank note template, so there is no problem using it.

On the other hand, the standard version offers a variety of note covers and template options, so you can create better notes.


Standard version offers a free diary template for 2021 as well as various note templates such as Cornell Note, Dotted Note, Graph Note, Legal Note, Lined Note, and Vertical Note. In addition, more templates and covers will be added in the future!


You can use notes more freely, because the standard version also allows you to create note pages and notes without any restriction, merge note pages, and copy-and-paste.

If you like to decorate a diary or need to organize different types of notes for different subjects or purposes, why don’t you use the standard version?

The standard version offers a variety of note covers and template options.

Pen Toolbar

Flexcil provides 10 different pen colors and 4 pen slots, so you can use these without any inconvenience when underlining or taking notes.


In the standard version, you can save pens freely and use more pen colors.

In addition to the ability to add or edit text and images, correcting shapes automatically, easily selecting and moving or editing handwritten notes/highlighter/image/text through utilizing lasso tool makes digital learning more efficient!


If you use a lot of images or text or use many different colors or pens when note taking, it would be nice to consider purchasing a standard version!


You can use more colored pens in the standard version.

More Features in a Standard Version

In addition, the standard version offers a variety of convenient features that are not available in the free version.

You can open a PDF document in a pop-up note. When you look at both documents at once, you don’t have to look at them separately anymore!

It also provides the Bookmark feature and Annotation feature in the side menu. This allows you to add or view bookmarks from the side menu, view annotations at a glance, and quickly navigate to the desired annotation.

You can also learn quickly and effectively by adding text or sentences that are selected through gestures as bookmarks or by searching texts. 🙂

You can add bookmarks by using underlined gestures and can search texts.

Did you see the difference between the free and standard versions?

Here’s the table so that you can see the differences easier.


Free Version Standard Version
Managing Documents Max. 5 folders Unlimited number of folders
Watermarks included No watermarks
Merge PDF
Create/Delete/Move/Copy PDF pages
Many folder colors
Managing Notes Basic note cover Basic + premium note covers
Basic template Basic + premium templates
Max. 50 pages of notes Unlimited number of note pages
Max. 5 notes Unlimited number of notes
Move/Copy PDF pages
Merge notes
Pen Toolbar Max. 4 pens can be customized Max. 50 pens can be customized
10 basic colors 120 different colors

Add texts

Edit texts
Add images
Edit images
Draw shapes
Straight pen option
Lasso tool
Long press for straightening lines
Side Menu Bookmark
Gesture Use bookmark feature through gestures
Search through gestures
Pop up Note PDF documents as pop up notes
More Paste
Drag and drop from other apps


You’re still not sure whether you should purchase the standard version? No worries!

Flexcil 2 offers a free trial period, so you can experience the features of the standard version before actually purchasing!

You can download the app on the App Store. Go and download it now!

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