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★ Data Migration (Flexcil 1 -> 2)

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Instructions for data transfer from Flexcil 1 to 2

To transfer data from Flexcil 1 to 2, follow the steps below.

※ Please install the latest version of both apps before proceeding with the data transfer.


1. First, proceed with the backup on Flexcil 1. Press the ‘Setting’ icon at the bottom left of the app to proceed with the backup.



2. Go to Flexcil Setting > Backup & Restore > Backup.


3. Press Backup button to proceed with the backup.


4. Once the backup is successfully completed, the export options will be displayed. Select Flexcil 2 icon.


5. Flexcil 2 will run automatically and the files from backup will appear in the list.


6. Once you have chosen where to transfer the data, press the ‘Restore’ button in the upper right to complete the data transfer.


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