Introducing websites where you can download digital templates for free

Hello, we’re Flexcil.


Today, we would like to introduce some sites that share free digital planner inserts that will help you use note-taking apps more efficiently.

You are probably using note-taking apps if you’ve purchased an iPad for the purpose of work or learning.
In note-taking apps such as Flexcil or Notability, you can use your own specific templates, in addition to papers offered in the apps.
Those templates can also be used in GoodNotes, so it would be very useful 🙂

If you want to use a note-taking app in many ways, but feel like it is too much to pay for inserts, you should pay attention to this article!
We’re going to inform you of sites with high quality, free inserts.

IHeart Organizing

‘IHeart Organizing’ shares various information such as diary, diet, goal setting, and etc.

They are all very neat and pretty. Especially for those who prefer writing many things in a single sheet rather than using various inserts, we recommend ‘Peek at the Week’ where you can write down all your plans, meals, lists of items to buy, and to things to do at once.

It’s also convenient to download inserts in this site because you can download them without signing up.

> IHeart Organizing

Click ‘CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PRINTABLE’ on the bottom to download the pages you want.

Dash Planner

‘Dash Planner’ shares simple papers such as a diary, To Do list, etc. and pretty stickers. 

There are various types of stickers such as drawings, letters, post-its, masking tapes, etc., so we recommend it especially for those who need a lot of stickers 😀

We’ll briefly show you how to download the inserts and stickers! (It takes less than two minutes.)

> Dash Planner


1️⃣ Access the website, enter your name and email address on the bottom, and click ‘JOIN NOW’.


2️⃣ Click ‘JOIN NOW’ to get a password that is needed to access the free tab. Copy the password.

3️⃣ Go to the top of the website and click ‘LOG IN FOR FREEBIES’. 


4️⃣ Enter the password you copied. Now you can freely download the inserts and stickers you want.

It’s very simple right?

Printable Paper A

‘Printable Paper A’ mainly shares inserts that can be used for learning and work. There are lots of digital papers such as underlined paper, graph paper, music paper, and etc. 😀 There are also inserts used in daily lives such as To Do list, budget tracker, etc., so if you’re interested, visit the website!


> Printable Paper A


To download, select the category you want on the left tab of the site, choose the insert you like, and then click ‘Download Printable Paper Template PDF’ or ‘Download Printable PDF’!

Printable Paper B

‘Printable Paper B’ is similar to the one recommended above, but it provides various colors of paper on the A4 Paper tab!
(Its name is the same with the one in no. 3, but they are different sites:D) It shares inserts for everyone from students to teachers and businessmen!


> Printable Paper B


To download, select the category you want on the left tab of the site, choose the insert you like, and then click ‘Download For Free(PDF format)’.

How to use inserts on Flexcil

All of the inserts downloaded from the sites above can be used in Flexcil. (They can be also used in GoodNotes or Notability.)

We will show you how to use the inserts downloaded from ‘IHeart Organizing’ on Flexcil as an example. 

1️⃣ Download the inserts you like.

2️⃣ Open them on Flexcil 2.

✅ If you want to copy inserts, move them to different PDF files or copy them to other documents, please refer to the pages below!


> Duplicate PDF pages

> Move PDF pages to another PDF file

> Copy pages from one PDF document to another

Today, we’ve looked at some sites that share free inserts we can use on note-taking apps.

Use the apps more efficiently with free inserts.


Winter is almost over and spring is coming!

We hope that all of you will be well and happy.


We’ll come back with useful information next time.

Thank you 🙂