It’s 「Know-how of the Day」 time 🔍
We are going to explore one of the functions of Flexcil during this time.

Since today is the first day of “Know-how of the day,” we’re going to learn how to add / edit / delete bookmarks that many people have inquired about.

Flexcil intern will explain all about bookmarks in detail!
Shall we begin?

What is a Bookmark?

When you read a document, you may have felt that there are words, sentences, or paragraphs you want to come back again next time.

You know that feeling you get when it feels like it’s going to be on the exam😎


That’s when you can use the bookmark function!


If you add a bookmark to the part you want to come back again next time, you can easily and quickly navigate to the page you want to look through the bookmark menu.


It’s very useful because you can reduce the time to find out where you want to find.

You don’t have to write down the page number somewhere.

How to Use Bookmarks

It’s very easy to add, edit and delete bookmarks.


[To add texts as bookmarks]

  1. Use gestures to select text

Here’s a tip!

Use an underline or small circle gestures to select short text.

Use parentheses or large circle gestures to select long text.

This makes it even easier to select text!


  1. Click the bookmark icon for the selected text

When you select text, various action icons appear.

Click the bookmark icon to add a bookmark!


[To add pages as bookmarks]

  1. Go to the page you want to add a bookmark
  2. Click the top right side-menu icon
  3. Click + Add Bookmarks at the bottom and enter a bookmark title

Note that the page bookmark will be added as the left page!


[Edit or delete bookmarks]

  1. Click the top right side menu open icon in View mode
  2. Click the third bookmark icon on the left
  3. Swipe left to edit or delete bookmarks
  1. Click the orange box to edit the bookmark title or click the red box to delete the bookmark

Tips on how to use

Oh, I think it’s very useful but when can I use it?🤔


Because of COVID-19, many classes have been converted into online classes, and many exams are taken online.


Have you all taken an online open-book exam? That’s when the bookmark is needed. 🤩


Professor 🧑🏫: This part will be on the exam, so please take a closer look on it.

Me: (Add Bookmarks…✍️)


The key to the open-book exam is finding the page you want quickly!

Click the corresponding bookmark in the Bookmark menu and go straight to the page you want!

You’ll breeze through your exam with no trouble at all!


With bookmarks, you will get A+s🥰

How did you like Know-how of the Day delivered by Flexcil intern?


Like a bookmark that lets you get where you want to go, I hope you achieve everything you want in 2021.


See you at the next Know-how of the Day time~!