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Today, we are going to find out about editing a text box

Let’s begin!

What is a Text Box?

A text box is a feature that lets you put text into a document by using a keyboard.

It’s a good feature for people who prefer typing to handwriting. 😀


But wait!

Did you know that text boxes can be copied and pasted or edited?


Let’s get into more detail! 😉

How to Use Text Boxes

[To Copy & Paste Text Boxes]

  1. Click the text box icon to create a text box.
    (To copy a text box that has already been created, press and hold the text box. 😀) 
  1. The created text is copied when you click the Copy icon.
  1. Press and hold where you want to paste the copied text, and then click the paste icon.


    [To Edit Text Boxes]

    1. Touch and hold the text box to activate editing mode.
    1. Press inside of the selected text box to edit the text.
    1. Modify the font, format, color, and size on the text editing screen.

    Tips on How to Use

    You could use text boxes when you review after class or when you organize your notes again during the exam period.


    Also, you could use them when you want to organize your notes in a pop-up note. 


    With your neat note, you’ll be the top student this semester. 😎


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    I hope it helped those who were having difficulties on how to use text boxes.

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