Hello everyone~ It’s me, Flexcil intern!
I brought you a another tip for today’s 「Know-how of the Day」 time 🔍

I have a habit of highlighting with different colors depending on the importance when reading documents.
But if I highlighted with pink in a part where I am supposed to highlight with yellow?
I have to erase it and fix it right away😇

That is why this eraser gesture became my favorite gesture of all time!

Let’s find out about an eraser gesture together, shall we?!

What is an Eraser Gesture?

An eraser gesture is a gesture that helps you erase handwriting or annotations easily by drawing a zigzag line on the text.

Without actually clicking the eraser icon,
you can erase what you want to erase right away in gesture mode.

As if you’re using an eraser, draw a zigzag line and you’re done!

How to Use an Eraser Gesture

Let me tell you how to use this gesture!
1. Set your pen to gesture mode
2. Draw a zigzag line on the text you want to erase

“By simply drawing a zigzag line, eraser gesture takes care of erasing that text”

Tips on How to Use

An eraser gesture is especially useful for people who read documents in gesture mode.
The reason is because you don’t have to go back and forth several times!

For example, let’s say you found something to be erased while reading a document in gesture mode.
If you didn’t know about this eraser gesture…
You would have had to switch your pen to pen mode, click the eraser icon,, erase the text,,, switch back to gesture mode,,,,

But the eraser gesture eliminates all of this inconvenience!
If you just draw a zigzag line on the text you want to erase, you’re done❕

How could you not use it?🤔

When I first found out about the eraser gesture,

I doodled on purpose because I enjoyed erasing by drawing a zigzag line.

I’ll be back with more useful tips for the next 「Know-how of the Day」 time!