Hello everyone~ It’s me, Flexcil intern!

It’s 「Know-how of the Day」 time 🔍 where we explore one of the functions of Flexcil.


Today, we’re going to figure out how to import files from iCloud!

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple.

If you’re using Apple products, you’ve probably used them at least once 😀

In Flexcil, you can import PDF files that are stored in iCloud!

Also, you can store PDFs after note-taking on iCloud and can open them on your iPhone. 🤩

How to Import a File from iCloud

 1. Click ‘Files’ on the left side of the app’s main screen

2. Click ‘iCloud Drive’ at ‘Locations’

3. Select the file you want to import and you’re done!

How to Upload a File to iCloud

1. Long press the document that you want to upload.

2. Press ‘export icon’ on the top right side.

3. Set export options and press ‘export’ button.

4. Select ‘Save to Files’ and choose ‘iCloud Drive’ as a place where you put your files.

How was today’s know-how?


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