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★ Flexcil Android – Frequently Reported Issues

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This is a page that shares reported issues from multiple users regarding Flexcil Android. Each problem, solution, and processing step will be written and updated continuously. Please let us know about the bugs that are not written on this page.  

Force stop issue when clicking the ‘Files’ tab on the left of File Manager

  • This is caused by an error in Android’s default ‘Files’ app and is currently being fixed by Google.
  • Go to Android OS Settings > Applications > Files. Click the ‘…’ on the upper right, and then click ‘Delete Update’

Issues with delays when handwriting

  • There is still a delay until the line is drawn when handwriting on the devices under Galaxy Tab S6.
  • This part is in the process of being primarily improved internally through predictive logic, and if the predictive part is provided to the 3rd-party through the S Pen SDK in the future, it will be able to improve quickly.

Problems that appear as text boxes leave the page on initial editing

  • When creating a text box on the right side of a document, the text box scrolls and doesn’t break the line, appearing outside the document.
  • It will be revised through future updates.

App icons not being displayed properly on some devices

  • Some devices display app icons in a square shape with white margins
  • It will be revised through future updates.

Issues of annotations not being printed when printing a document created on Flexcil Android

  • This is due to the printer or printer app’s failure to properly process PDF’s annotations. (The PDF you export from Flexcil ensures annotation compatibility, and you can edit Flexcil’s annotations in other PDF apps.)
  • For this, the option to merge the annotation content into the original PDF (Flatten) will be updated later.

Breaking of text boxes when exporting PDF

  • When exporting a text box, part of the text box gets cancelled out
  • It will be updated before the release of the official app.
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