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Add textbox/image, and use lasso tool

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Use of a text box and an image tool, and lasso tool

Flexcil helps you create notes efficiently with various features supported in the pen toolbar.

Add a text box

  1. Click the text box icon and tap where you want to enter the text.
  2. You can select the font, format, size, and color of the text.
  3. The entered text box can be moved, copied, or deleted by pressing and holding it or by using the lasso tool.
  4. To edit the content of the text box, tap and hold the text box, and then tap it again.

Add an image

  1. You can add an image into documents or notes by clicking the image tool icon.
  2. Images can be added from ‘Photos’ or can be taken with the camera and be added.
  3. You can move, copy, delete, or crop an image by pressing and holding it, or by selecting it using the lasso tool.


Using Lasso Tool

  1. By clicking on the lasso tool icon, you can select, move, edit, and delete pens, highlighters, texts, and images.
  2. Pen, highlighter, text, and images can be chosen selectively by enabling filters.
  3. To enable/disable the filter, enable the lasso tool and click on it again.
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