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You can manage your documents and notes more effectively by connecting cloud storage services.


  • To connect cloud storage

    1. Tap the + icon in the gray box at the left side menu of the app main. Or you can also connect cloud storage from the quick menu() which you can see at the bottom right corner of the app main. Tap the quick menu icon and select ‘Connections’ on the quick menu.
    2. Select cloud storage services you want to connect.
    3. Enter the ID and password.
    4. Once sign-in is successfully done, you can see the list of your connected accounts on the left side menu on the main.
      ※ Flexcil 2 allows you to sign in with multiple accounts so you can connect as many accounts as you have. 
  • To disconnect cloud storage

    1. Swipe left on the connected cloud storage account.
    2. Tap trash icon in the red box()