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Capture document using ‘L’ gesture

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How to use ‘L’ gesture

You can capture the document using ‘L’ gesture on ‘gesture mode’.

Select area you want to capture using ‘L’ gesture

  1. Switch to the ‘gesture mode’ by pressing the icon on the leftmost of the pen toolbar.
  2. If you draw ‘L’, you will see the selection area.
  3. Set the capture area.

Bring captured image to your note

  • You can bring the captured image wherever you want by drag & drop
    • You can bring the captured image to the pop-up or vice versa.
    • Captured image will be automatically liked each other.
  • You can also bring the content from another app by using split view.

Copy and paste the captured image

  • If you press the copy icon on the right side, you can copy the object to the clipboard.
  • You can paste the copied object by long pressing the area you want to paste.
  • You can also paste the captured image to another app that supports a clipboard.
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