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Copying and Pasting Objects

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Copying and Pasting Objects

Flexcil lets you copy objects, such as handwriting, text boxes, and images, and then paste them into other pages of the document, or into other documents or notes.
  • How to Copy Objects

    • Guide 1. Selecting and copying through long touch
      • Text boxes or images can be selected through long touch.
      • Long touch the text box or image you want to copy, enable edit mode, and then click the Copy icon (second from left) from the pop-up menu to copy the object.
    • Guide 2. Selecting and copying through lasso tool
      • The lasso tool allows you to select handwriting, text boxes, and images.
      • Select the lasso tool from the pen toolbar, select the handwriting, text box, or image you want to copy, and then click the copy icon.
      • You can apply the filter by pressing the lasso tool once more while it is active. Use a filter to selectively copy objects when multiple objects are overlapped with each other.
  • How to Paste Objects

    • To paste a copied object, tap and hold where you want to place it. Then, the pop-up menu will appear. From the menu, tap the Paste icon (second from right).
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