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★ Backup and Restore Data

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How to backup and restore user data on Flexcil

Please proceed with the following procedure to manually backup and restore your data on Flexcil 1 and 2.

Backup your data

  1. Under Setting on Flexcil, select Backup. (In case of Flexcil 1, select Backup & Restore)
  2. Under Data Backup, select ‘Backup’.
    • Flexcil 2: Only certain files or folders can be selectively backed up. Select the root folder to backup the entire thing.
    • Flexcil 1: Can selectively backup PDF/Notes. However, if you back up only one, the connection link between PDF-notes will disappear.
  3. Creation and compression of backup files progress.
  4. Select the location where you want to save the backup files.
    • Flexcil 2: Select apps to share with Files, Mail, and etc.
    • Flexcil 1: Can save in Export to Flexcil 2, Cloud Storage, E-mail, Files, and more.

Restoring data

  1. Download the Flexcil backup files (.flex) in the app.
  2. Upon Flexcil Setting, select ‘Restore’ from Backup. (In case of Flexcil 1, Backup & Restore)
  3. Select Data Restore.
  4. Select the files you want to restore from the backup file list.
  5. The restoring process will proceed.

Please refer to this document to delete Flexcil backup files (.flex).

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