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Editing annotations on PDF documents (lab feature)

Flexcil allows you to edit the highlights, underlines, drawings, images, and textboxes in the imported PDF documents. ※ Currently, only iOS version of the app supports this feature.
  1. Press the settings (cogwheel icon) in the bottom left corner of the app’s main page.
  2. Press the ‘Lab Features’ menu.
  3. Under the ‘Import PDF’ option, activate the ‘Import PDF with editable annotations’ option.
  4. Enable the import options of ‘Highlight & Underline’, ‘drawing’, ‘Image(Stamp)’ or ‘Textbox(Free Text) that you want to edit.
  5. Enter ‘Cloud storage’ or ‘Files’ to import a PDF document that you want to edit.
  6. Open the PDF document and edit annotations.
If you can’t find what you are looking for from Frequently Asked Questions or Flexcil User Guide, Contact Support