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[Flexcil 1] Eraser, Ruler, and Shape Tool

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Flexcil provides a powerful toolkit that allowes users to make personalized and diverse annotations efficiently.



  • Tap Eraser icon to select and delete handwriting.
  • Tap it again to modify the eraser:    

a)   Eraser size
b)   Clear Left Page / Right Page / Notes
c)   Auto-Deselect:  after using it once, deselect the Eraser mode automatically

  • Use the Eraser Gesture: draw a dense ZigZag line over handwritings you wish to delete.
    (The handwriting mode gesture erase function can be enabled in the options of the document viewer.)


  • Tap the Ruler icon to draw straight lines.

Shape–Triangle Ruler

  • Tap the Triangle Ruler icon to draw shapes made up by straight lines. You should connet the points and lines to form a shape.