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You can export study note to others via Airdrop, email, message, or share through other apps. All notes will be exported and save as PDF format.

Here’s the steps of how to export study note

  1. Select(long press/select icon) the target notes to get into the selected mode
  2. Tap the ‘Export’ icon at the top-right of Study Note window
  3. Choose the options you need like share or copy, mark, print, save to local, etc.

Before you share notes, you can choose the style of the exported notes according to you needs in the ‘Setting’. You can decide whether to pour out the original notes or edit notes. There are four modes to choose.

  • Include text boxes > (on/off)
  • Include images > (on/off)
  • Include handwriting data > (on/off)
  • Include Notes templates > (on/off)