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How to use the eraser tool

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How to use the eraser tool

Flexcil provides the eraser tool to delete drawings, underlines, and highlights. You can use the erase tool to delete texts written with a pen or a highlighter, or delete the entire drawings on a page at once.

  • Opening the Eraser Options

    • To open the eraser options, press the eraser tool on the pen toolbar and press it one more time.


  • Setting the Eraser Thickness

    • Eraser thickness can be set by pixels.
    • You can change the size of an eraser by moving the control bar to the right, making it larger or to the left, making it smaller.


  • Deleting all the drawings on a page

    • If you want to delete all the drawings on a certain page, by clicking the ‘Document Page’ under ‘Clear Page,’ you can delete all drawings on that particular page you are on.
    • You can delete drawings written in a pen or a highlighter on the particular page of a document or a pop-up note, but images and texts will not be deleted.


  • Eraser Filter

    • You can selectively delete pens or highlighters by activating filters.
    • First, enable the options for the objects you want to delete. Then use the eraser, or clear page.


  • Auto-Deselect Option

    • If you enable the “Auto-Deselect” option, the tool (pen, highlighter, lasso tool, etc.) you used before will be automatically enabled after using the eraser tool.
    • If you want to use the eraser continuously, disable the option.
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