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[Flexcil 1] Importing PDF files from local or Cloud storage

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You can import PDF files from local or cloud storage. When you finish importing the files, ‘Download’ folder will be automatically created in the PDF window to store imported files. You can then move the PDF in other folders you want.

Here’s the steps of importing PDF files from local or Cloud storage:

  1. Make sure you connect with third-party Cloud apps first if you want to use them. The connected apps will be displayed on the left.
  2. Tap the ‘Add +’ icon at the left menu list to connect to Cloud storage.
  3. Tap the local files icon or Cloud storage icons app’s icon at the left main menu list to import files.
  4. Or tap the Files or cloud storage that appear after touching the Blue ‘+’ icon at lower-right corner of the PDF window to import files.
  5. When you tap the Cloud storage icon, you can only import file from cloud storage that you logged in.