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Flexcil provides pens’ shortcuts in the pen toolbar, so users can take notes with different kinds of pens.


Pen Options

  • Tap the pen icon to select, and tap it again to modify the pen:

a)   Highlighters– you may adjust ink width, opacity, and colors.(Color and transparency will be used directly to annotate PDF)

b)   Pens– you may adjust ink width and colors.

c)   Delete– you may delete the selected pen.

  • Tap “Disconnect Apple Pencil”  to turn off Apple Pencil mode.

Modify Pens

  • Tap “+” or the downward-arrow button to creat & modify:

a)   Use Apple Pencil or finger to drag the pen icon and then move or delete it.

b)   Standard version supports at most 40 pens added to the pen toolbar.

  • Tap “Disconnect Apple Pencil”  to turn off Apple Pencil mode.

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