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Migrate data from Flexcil 1 to Flexcil 2

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You can migrate your data from Flexcil 1 to Flexcil 2 by following steps.

※ Before start, please make sure update to the latest version for both applications

  1. First, you need to back-up your data on Flexcil 1. To back-up data, press the ‘settings’ button on the bottom left side.
















2. Go ‘Backup & Restore’ and press ‘Backup’ button on the top















3. Back-up process will be started


















4. When the back-up process is successfully done, you can see options where to export the back-up data. Choose Flexcil 2’s icon.














5. Flexcil 2 will open and now you can see the back-up data.



















6. Choose the place where you want to migrate your back-up data and press ‘Restore’ button on the top-right side











7. Data migration will be done.