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[Flexcil 2] Open Bookmark menu to manage bookmarks

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Add bookmarks by tapping ‘Add bookmark’ icon under the bookmark menu.

  • Add bookmark on the side menu

    1. Expand the right side menu by tapping expand the side menu icon() on the top-right side of view mode. 
    2. Tap ‘Add bookmark’ button to add bookmark.
    3. Put the name of the bookmark and tap ‘OK’ button.
  • Add text, sentence, or paragraph as a bookmark

    1. Select text, sentence, or paragraph using gesture
    2. Tap add bookmark icon() on the toolbar to add bookmark
  • Managing bookmarks

    1. If in case you add bookmark on the side menu, the page on the left side will be added as a bookmark.
    2. You can jump to the bookmarked page if you tap the bookmark on the side menu.
    3. If you swipe left on the bookmark, you can change the name or delete a bookmark.