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PDF & Note viewer settings

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PDF & Note Viewer Settings

The following options can be set via the view settings button of the PDF and Note viewer which is located on the top right side.

Set Scrolling directions

  • You can choose the direction of scroll between vertical and horizontal for both the main document and pop-up document


View a two-page and four-page mode

  • View 2 pages or 4 pages at the same time


Reading Options

  • Display status bar:Display the status bar (time, battery) on the top of the iPad when selected.
  • Display reference link:The little reference marker at the top left corner of the reference content will be displayed when enable the option
  • Display annotation marker : If you enable this option, you can see the markers to help you easily identify objects(images and text)


Pen Tool

  • Fine Pen Thickness : Default changing thickness is 0.1 when selected, and 0.5 when not selected.
  • Auto-Deselect shape tool:Shape tool will be automatically deselected after being used once.
  • Straight Angle Correction : The drown lines are automatically fixed to horizontal or vertical when selected.



  • Capture with Annotation : Include the handwriting when you capture the PDF content when selected.
  • One Finger Panning : You can flip pages with one finger if you enable this option.
    ※ Please note that to use ‘One Finger Panning’ Option, the Apple Pencil should be connected
  • Open the page list by zooming out : You can zoom out and go to page list view by pinching twice when this option is enabled
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