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[Flexcil 1] PDF & Note Viewer Settings

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The following items can be set via the On / Off button of the PDF and Note viewer.

  • View a two-page spread
     View 2 pages at the same time.
  • Turn 2 pages
    Flip 2 pages at the same time.
  • Undo/ Redo Gesture
    Use 2 fingers tap to undo the last handwriting, and use 3 fingers tap to recover the deleted content/ gesture.
  • Erase Gesture
    Draw dense ZigZag lines over the handwriting you wish to delete when selected.
  • Modify Pen Thickness (0.1)
    Default changing thickness is 0.1 when selected, and 0.5 when not selected.
  • Auto Functions: Deselect & Correct Straight Lines
    Auto-Deselect:Erasers, Ruler, and Triangle Ruler will be automatically deselected after being used once.
    Auto-Correct straight lines:The drown lines are automatically fixed to horizontal or vertical when selected.
  • Capture Image Including Annotation
    Include the handwriting when you capture the PDF content when selected.
  • Display choices: Status Bar, Reference Marker
    Display status bar:Display the status bar (time, battery) on the top of the iPad when selected.
    Display reference marker:The little reference marker at the top left corner of the reference content will be displayed after selected.
  • Double-tap with Apple Pencil
    The custom double-click operation for Apple Pencil is activated when selected