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[Flexcil 2] Using Pen Gestures on notes

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You can use all gesture functions to mark contents on notes. To use gestures, please change to the gesture mode first.

  • Underline Gesture

    1. Draw underline under the text to select.
    2. You can underline, highlight, search a dictionary, or add a bookmark.
  • Long-tap Gesture

    1. Long tap on the textbox to enable the text editing mode.
    2. You can move, copy, or delete the textbox when the edit mode is enabled.
    3. Tap the text box one more time to edit text. 
    4. You can edit, move, copy, or remove the image if you long-tap on the image.
  • Erase Gesture

    1. You can delete handwriting draw zigzag on the handwritten objects.