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★ Restore Purchase – In App Purchase

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Restore purchase of Flexcil standard

If you’ve purchased flexible standards (in-app purchases / paid versions) in the past, you can restore your purchases to the same Apple account.
If you wish to use your purchase on another device, please proceed as follows:

Restoring purchase through ‘Restore Previous Purchase’ button within the app

  1. Select the ‘In-App Purchase (Flexcil Standard Upgrade) button’ at the bottom left of the File Manager screen.
  2. The Flexcil Standard purchase window will be displayed.
  3. Select ‘Restore Previous Purchase’ at the bottom left of the purchase window.
  4. The Apple App Store login window will appear.
  5. Log in to the Apple App Store with the account that purchased the Flexcil Standard version.
  6. After you follow the steps above, Flexcil in-app purchase option will be restored.

※ If your purchase doesn’t successfully resotred, please restart your iPad and try again


  • ‘The App Store account that downloaded the app’ and ‘the App Store account that purchased the standard version’ must be the same.
  • App’s iCloud setting should be enabled. To check if it’s enabled
  1. Go iPad settings>Apple ID>iCloud
  2. Find ‘Flexcil 2’ on the ‘APPS USING ICLOUD’
  3. If the option is disabled, enable the option.
  • If your accounts are different, please refer to the following procedure.
  1. Backup your data by going to Flexcil setting > Backup (if you have important data).
  2. After deleting the app, log into the App Store with the account that purchased Flexcil standard version.
  3. Re-download the app with the same account.
  4. Proceed to restore the previous purchase.

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