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★ Upgrade Promotion Error (Flexcil 1 -> 2)

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Response Guide for dealing with an error in restoring purchase

If the free upgrade transition from Flexcil 1 to Flexcil 2 does not proceed normally, please follow the instructions.

※ This upgrade is for Standard version only and planners are not included for this upgrade. For this reason, you may still see the yellow banner at the bottom left when the upgrade process has completed.
If there is no locked functions, it means your upgrade has successfully done.


1. Things that need to be checked in advance

The biggest factor behind an error in transferring purchase is when ‘the App Store account that downloaded Flexcil 1’, ‘the account that purchased an app’, and ‘the account that downloaded Flexcil 2’ are different.

Many users think that they downloaded and purchased it with the same account, but this is the most frequent reason behind an error.

In this case, refer to the following procedure.

  1. Backup your data by going to Flexcil setting > Backup (if you have important data).
  2. After deleting Flexcil 1 and 2, log into the App Store with the account that purchased Flexcil 1 standard version.
  3. Re-download Flexcil 1 and 2 with the same account.
  4. Proceed to restore the previous purchase. Free upgrade guide >


If the steps above do not lead to transfer of purchase, the problem is due to Apple App Store not being able to retrieve the purchase information correctly.

There is nothing we can do about this problem because such a problem is due to an error in the App Store.

The guide below summarizes how to reset the device so that the information can be retrieved as well as possible.
If following the guide does not resolve the issue, please contact the Apple Support team directly.

Contact Apple Support  >


Case 1- Failure in transferring purchase from Flexcil 1 / ‘This item was purchased with a different Apple ID.’

If this is the case, proceed with the following procedure.

1. Confirm the current purchase status
1) You need to check if the Flexcil 2 standard version is active.

2) If there is no “in-app purchase (Flexcil Standard Upgrade) button” at the bottom left of the screen when the app is first opened, it means that the paid product is activated.

2. Check the current time of the device
1) The time of the device should be set correctly.
2) Set the time automatically by going to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically.

3. Log out of Apple account
1) In settings, select the Apple account, which is on the top.
2) Select Logout at the bottom of the screen.

4. Restart the device
1) Restart the device with the Apple account logged out.

5. Apple Account Login (Very Important!)
1) Log in to your Apple account in iPad OS Settings (login to iPad)
2) The Apple account you log in to must be an account that you used to install/purchase Flexcil 1.
3) Flexcil 2 must also be installed in the app store with the same account.
4) If you have installed the products but purchased with different accounts, you must reinstall Flexcil 1 and 2 with the account you used to purchase Flexcil 1.

6. Check Internet connection and the products
1) Before transferring the purchase, the device must be connected to the Internet, and both Flexcil 1 and 2 must be updated to the latest version.
2) In this situation, proceed the purchase transfer from Flexcil 1.

7. If the purchase transfer is not successful even after following the procedures above correctly, contact the Apple Support team directly.
1) You can include the following information.

“I tried to restore my purchase from an Apple account that I used to purchase a paid version of Flexcil, but the purchase is not restored. After checking with the app developer, they said that they got the error message saying “No response” or “Not a valid Apple ID” from the Apple App Store upon the request of purchase restoration.
Regarding this issue, I would like to request confirmation, verification, and solution of the problem of my Apple account.
Apple Account: “

Contact Apple Support >


Case 2 – Transfer of purchase has already been processed.


If you see the message above, the transfer of purchase has already been completed in your Apple account.

1. Re-run Flexcil 2
1) Even when the app is purchased properly, it might not open for some reason. In this case, please exit Flexcil 2 and run it again.

2. Confirm Flexcil 2 Purchase Restoration
1) When you press the Purchase button, there is a Restore Purchase button at the bottom left of the page. You can restore your purchase using the Restore Purchase button.
※ You must proceed with the Apple account that you used to purchase before.



Case 3 – Restore purchase on iPhone or a device with iOS 12 and below


Unfortunately, restoring purchases on iPhone or a device with iOS 12 and earlier versions are not available.
Please understand that the latest versions of Flexcil 1 and 2 must be installed in order to handle the transfer of purchase.


If you can’t find what you are looking for from Frequently Asked Questions or Flexcil User GuideContact Support