Flexcil 2 Free Upgrade Guide


 As noticed, Free upgrade Flexcil 2 for free for Flexcil 1 Standard users will start as below.





We have confirmed the problem that the promotion purchase does not proceed and infinite loading proceeds.
This error occurs because the App Store approval for in-app purchase items for promotion has not been processed.
This was caused by our mistake, and we sincerely apologize to users for this.

Changed schedule: December 4, 2020 ~ January 31, 2021 24:00 (UTC+9)

We have submitted an urgent review request to the App Store. Once the request is approved, you can process the upgrade from that point by following the guide below.

We expect that the approval will be granted in the morning of December 3rd(UTC+9), but since this not the part we can manage, we specified it as December 4th in case the approval is delayed.
(After app store approval, you can proceed immediately, and we will notify you immediately.)

In addition, version 1.1.1 has been submitted to the App Store, and you can use for an additional 30 days for free.

Once again, we apologize for the lack of preparation, and we will take the utmost steps to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.




This is a promotion for the paid users of Flexcil 1 only. The event is only available for this period of time. DO NOT FORGET to migrate your purchase history to Flexcil 2 within this period. And we would appreciate if you share this event with other users you know.

Before You Start

Please make sure to check out as below to successfully migrate your purchase history.

  1. Both Flexcil 1 and Flexcil 2 should be installed in the latest version.
  2. Check out if your device is connected to internet for authentication I App Store. You must sign in in the App Store with an account you purchased Flexcil 1 before.
  3. If you open another app or close Flexcil app during the purchase data migration, you need to start again from the beginning.


How To Migrate Your Purchase to Flexcil 2

  1. Update your Flexcil 1 and Flexcil 2 to latest version.
  2. Open Flexcil 1 and choose the notification bar at the top.

3. Then, new page pops up. Please choose ‘Guideline to get Flexcil 2 for free’ to move.

4. If you want to begin the migration right away, please select the button ‘Migrate your purchase to Flexcil 2’ in the Flexcil 1 migration page.

  1. This page is to check out whether you purchased Flexcil 1.

6-1. [When your purchase is confirmed]

Once your Flexcil 1 purchase is confirmed, please press the button ‘Migrate your purchase to Flexcil 2.’
Then, it automatically opens Flexcil 2.

6-2. [When your purchase is not confirmed]

If your purchase is not confirmed, please check out if

– internet is normally connected
– you sign in to App Store with an account you purchased Flexcil 1 before
– you upgraded Flexcil 2 with its latest version

  1. If your purchase is confirmed and Flexcil 2 opens, Flexcil 2 Promotion Event page pops up.
  1. Press the button ‘Free Upgrade Promo for Flexcil 2’.
    ※ If you open another app or close Flexcil app during the purchase data migration, you need to start again from the beginning.
  1. The page checking out if you are a paid user of Flexcil1 will be displayed. (You might need App Store authentication)
  2. If the ‘Try Flexcil2 Standard’ banner is not displayed on the bottom left side of the file manager on Flexcil 2, your upgrade is successfully done.

Once you successfully migrated your purchase to Flexcil 2, you will be given and allowed to use Flexcil2 Standard Version. Also, you could restore your purchase in App Store.

Please note that data is not automatically migrated and you need to do it manually.

Check out our guide to get to know how to migrate your data

 >>Data Migration Guide

 If you are in trouble, please contact us as support@flexcil.com


Thank you.