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★ In-app purchase error

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Response Guide for dealing with a purchasing error of Flexcil standard (In-app purchase)

Errors in purchasing typically include problems with the Apple App Store and user accounts.
In this matter, there’s nothing we can handle.

The guide below summarizes how to reset the device so that the information can be retrieved as well as possible.
If following the guide does not resolve the issue, please contact the Apple Support team directly.

Contact Apple Support >


1. Check if the ‘Flexcil standard’ version is normally applied

To check if the standard version has been applied properly, please check if the purchase button is displayed at the bottom left of the file management screen.

      • Free version screen


      • Standard version screen

2. Re-login to your account after rebooting your iPad

If the “Get Flexcil Standard” button is displayed despite the purchase, please follow the steps below.

        1. Reboot the iPad.
        2. Log out of your account by going to iPad Settings.
        3. Log in again with the app store account that you used to purchase Flexcil.

3. Restore or Repurchase

Please log in with the account that you used to purchase Flexcil standard and then proceed with the purchase restoration.


4. Reinstall Flexcil app

If the purchase is not restored even after you proceeded with the purchase restoration progress, this may be due to a mismatch between the account that downloaded the app and the account that purchased it. In this case, please delete the app, log in with the account that you used to purchase it, and then reinstall.

※ If you delete the app, the data of the app will be deleted as well, so please make sure to backup the data before deleting the app.

  • You can proceed with the backup process in Settings.
    – Flexcil Settings > Backup > Select Backup Button

5. If the purchase is still not restored,

      • Press the feedback button in the app and send us the purchase receipt and the purchase error.
      • You should never delete the app.

If you can’t find what you are looking for from Frequently Asked Questions or Flexcil User GuideContact Support