Flexcil is an intuitive, easy to use, annotation and note-taking tool for iPad. Simply highlight and capture images or text on the study-note by pen gestures! In the process, you’ll save time transcribing summaries on study-note with your touch pen or Apple pencil.

We’re excited to say that Flexcil has officially launched, and includes exclusive features in the new release.

We’ll explain more below!


Say Goodbye to Unproductive Study Tools!

When you read PDFs on your iPad, you probably use boring notebooks or regular pieces of paper to transcribe summaries.

We’re living in 2017, so should your school work! With Flexcil, you don’t need to use outdated stationary anymore. Throw out your notebooks you’ve been using since grammar school, pencils that keep breaking and pens that keep running out of ink.



Functions exactly like your regular note taking - except better!

This isn't your average study note tool. Using Flexcil is exactly like natural writing. Don’t worry about experiencing weird  We beat the competition by making your school work easier and faster.


You can: underline sentences, draw circles around paragraphs, or make boxes around images. You can even select text and images to highlight, underline, and find definitions!


Paste Text and Images

You now have the ability to paste texts and images directly into study notes. That’s right. Flexcil’s Study notes is not only focused on writing notes, but it also supports pasting text and image elements.

Just capture text or images by pen gestures and drag and drop your selection into the Study Notes. Say goodbye to copy and pasting, and save yourself more time and energy.


Customizable Note Taking

Have you ever wanted a bunch of cool colored pens for notes but couldn’t justify spending $20 on a case? We feel your pain. That’s why we invented the Flexcil Pencil Case.

Simply open the Pencil Case on the top of your screen and draw, write, underline, or highlight text on PDFs or Study Notes! You can change or add pens and highlighters with customized thickness and different colors. All in one convenient place.

Unleash your inner artist and make note taking fun again! Who said doodling is only for little kids? In fact, doodling helps you recall more information!  


Seamlessly Import PDFs

Import all of your important documents directly from your Cloud storage. Flexcil currently supports iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Working on an assignment with a classmate? Need to share a time sensitive document with a co-worker? No problem. With Flexcil, you can even share your PDFs and notes with other people! You know what they sayーcollaboration is key for success.


Organize School Clutter

Just because you have a lot of notes, doesn’t mean you can’t be organized! Select sections of images and text from PDFs with Long Press. Then move and resize images or text boxes!

Whatever you need to complete, Flexcil can handle it.


No More Functionality Issues!

A major challenge that most handwriting apps have is the finger-touch problem, which happens when you accidentally touch the screen with your finger. Which causes unintentional lines or spots on the screen.


But with Flexcil’s enhanced algorithm, you’ll never run into unintentional marks or scuffs. You’ll never experience scrolling or turning a page by accident either!



Multi-Touch gestures

You only need three fingers to control Studybook. All you need to do is open the Study note with three fingers, and swipe up on the touch screen naturally.


Drag the Study note and place it wherever you want with three fingers. Then after you’re done, swipe down to close the Study note.


Wrapping it up

We’re focusing on an innovative shift from paper to digital. Students and professionals alike are digitally connected 24/7, and we believe your studying should be too.

We take pride in that Flexcil is one of the most intuitive and convenient digital solutions for school and research.

What are you waiting for? Download it for free on the App Store here!

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