Flexcil has been featured in Apple retail stores worldwide as one of the demonstration apps since Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced launching the new 9.7′ iPad of education on March 27th. Now you can see the pre-installed Flexcil on every iPad in any of your closest Apple stores.


The education market is emerging so that Apple is going to launch the education software platform with iPads for schools as well as educational iPads. It was surprising news that the price of a new iPad for education went down to $329 for the general public and $299 for schools and that it fully supports Apple Pencil. We are happy to say Flexcil will help students study better with iPads than before.


It is highly meaningful that Flexcil has been selected as one of the representative apps on iPads to support school education. Because we initially aimed for better study and research of students at the school.

Flexcil provides pen-on-paper experience to help students read texts and take notes more easily on iPads and Apple Pencil. The floating notepad on documents is a unique feature that only Flexcil has, which gives the exclusive benefit of enabling notes to be dragged and dropped in a super simple way.

Flexcil is ready to support Apple’s new vision for education by providing more features and passion to improve study at school and home. We will keep focusing on saving time by providing user-friendly features and experiences.